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Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Weight 219.8 (NO WAyyyy!)
Had a 9:45 AM blood test today to get my thyroid hormones and TSH checked since I was off the medication for over a month and it was just time for the test.
10:30 AM b/f Egg white omlette with some skim mozerella
Snacked on some almonds, kiwi
3/4 bar of dark chocolate
Snacked on Orange
Dinner later than usual, 8:15PM pasta with meat sauce and veggies...did not watch my portion here!
Also no exercise
Was not feeling good today...will be seeing my gynec on Thursday...I feel there is something wrong with me gyneologically!!
I truly never want to see 220s again but I get the feeling I will especially since I have not exercised...I have been unable to!

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