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Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Tomorrow March 9, 2011, I am starting a challenge for myself. The intention is to blog daily for 50 days. In the blog I want to mention my morning weight first thing out of bed, my diet for the day and exercise or the lack of it.
I intend to blog before going to bed.
At the end of my 50 days I will have a record of how good or bad I have been in regards to what I ate and also exercise and others can also assess the record.
I hope I have had more good days than bad at the end of it. Also it would be great if I could shed some lbs!
I will be counting down the days so my first blog will be #50.
I have a doctor's appt tmrw...haven't seen a physician in a while. Did see my OB in September. I am out of my thyroid medication now for over a month!

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