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Friday, March 11, 2011


Weight 221.0 (weight taken after drinking some water and eating a banana and after a 45 min SPIN class!!!)
B/f - Honey nut cheerios+ walnuts+ soy milk
9:30AM egg white omlette sandwich
Lunch-12:00PM Brown rice+french lentils+ 2 chicken sausages
Snack- raisins+ organes+ 1/2 whole wheat flat bread with some mayo
Dinner _8:40PM_----------A whole beef burrito with guac+ pico di gayo+ some tortilla chips with salsa
                            Diet coke--- first time I have had that in over 10 years!!!!!!!!! I was stressed out or else I would have never ordered a diet coke.
THE redeeming thing for me is that I started going to the gym today....I had 'frozen' my membership and 'unfroze' it today and took a 6:00AM spin class.
I think my weight will be through the roof tmrw because of my DINNER :(

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